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HALCON 12 interface released



Advancing 3D Metrology

Combining core competences in the engineering of CMOS sensors, cameras and optical systems, Heliotis provides unique
solutions for advanced 3D metrology applications. As your OEM partner we offer industrial grade components, modules and
customized optical metrology systems.

Our pOCT (parallel Optical low-Coherence Tomography) is a powerful technology that enables real-time 3D-imaging for
topographic and tomographic applications. OCT as a standard interferometric principle is non-invasive and non-contact.
It works with non-ionizing visible light or near infrared light and it provides three-dimensional and structural information.
The system operates on a broad range of objects and materials with spatial resolution in the sub-micrometer range.

Whether you are looking for a 3D-microscope, a custom 3D-inspection system or a partner for your next innovation - we
invite you to explore our website or contact us at